A Forgotten Population

As the Ukraine sinks deeper into political and economic turmoil, unemployment continues to rise and nearly 60% of the population lives at or below the poverty line.  This forgotten population lives in squalor, constantly guarding against physical and emotional aggression perpetrated by law enforcement, terrorists, and their fellow citizens.

Under these harsh conditions, and in the absence of social support services, distress and hardships are ignored and the most vulnerable Ukrainian citizens pay the highest price – children chief among them.

The Promise of a New Life

LifeChanger FSU is a proactive human services organization that seeks out Jewish children living in the most economically repressed areas of the Ukraine who are grappling with extreme poverty, neglect, abuse, and overlooked physical and emotional disabilities, and changes their lives dramatically by providing frameworks for housing, education and healthcare and creating dynamic and comprehensive solutions to address their unique physical, mental and social needs and distance them from negative influences and the lure of drug addiction, alcoholism and crime.

LifeChanger: Method and Impact

With a case file of more than 200 success stories, LifeChanger FSU’s area of impact continues to expand rapidly, including 10 major cities across the Ukraine in which the organization works with local project coordinators and Israel-based educators, mentors and medical, social and mental health professionals to develop high-level, individualized rehabilitation plans for hundreds of children and their families.  The team of specialists then integrates these children in need into healthy and empowering environments, guiding them towards sustained recovery, long-term development, and independence.


Employing a holistic approach to the rehabilitation process, LifeChanger FSU’s support services address all aspects of the human experience, providing children enrolled in the program and their families with everything from basic necessities like food, clothing, and personal hygiene products, to a wide variety of individualized needs, including professional guidance and therapeutic services, medical, paramedical and dental treatment, tutoring and extracurricular educational experiences ranging from music and sports to technology, art and science. 

Breaking the Cycle of Solitude

In addition to helping each child chart the course toward a brighter future and personal redemption, LifeChanger FSU also encourages and facilitates their social interaction within peer groups, breaking the cycle of solitude and isolation by placing these rehabilitated children in Jewish recreational and experiential education programs and cultivating their senses of charity and responsibility by providing opportunities for volunteerism, activism, and youth leadership training.


LifeChanger FSU by the Numbers (Updated for Sep. 2018)

15 regional coordinators 

29 cities and towns across the Ukraine, and growing

32 volunteers 

75 cases successfully closed

293+ Jewish children in need currently receiving support services

549 recipients of support services since 2015