The Love of a Focused Family

Ksenia Kartekova, 6
Mariupol, Ukraine

For six year-old Ksenia Kartekova, the world was a very puzzling place.  Suffering the effects of undiagnosed ADHD, Ksenia spent most of her days in a dizzying dreamlike state. 

At school, the confusion of the classroom and the unwanted advances of bullies on the playground caused her to escape into her own imagination, the only truly safe space she had ever known.  At home, where the cupboard and refrigerator were often bare, she would stare blankly at the television for hours on end, waiting until late at night for her mother to return home from her job as a cashier at the local supermarket. 

As a single parent and the family’s sole provider, her mother had no choice but to commit to a 16-hour work day, but the job took its toll on both of them.  Ksenia never received homework help and rarely enjoyed quality mother-daughter time, and her mother missed out on watching her daughter grow. 

Never occupying the same physical space for more than a few hours each day, they both felt isolated and alone most of the time.  Unable to focus on what mattered most in their lives, they felt helpless and lost.

After meeting Ksenia and her mother, the local LifeChanger FSU coordinator arranged for the family to meet with one of the area’s top psychologists.  A battery of tests revealed Ksenia’s severe ADHD, as well as some acute medical issues, including a curved spine, low muscle tone and malnutrition.  With the assistance of LifeChanger FSU, Ksenia is now receiving intensive psychological treatment and takes medication for ADHD that keeps her sharp and attentive. 

Thanks to her newfound ability to focus, Ksenia is starting to enjoy learning and makes a great effort to befriend her classmates, who are responding in kind.  No longer a scary and confusing place, school now presents Ksenia with a world of social and educational opportunities. 

LifeChanger FSU also enrolled Ksenia and her mother in exercise and dance classes to help them stay healthy, build muscle mass, and carve out some quality mother-daughter time together each week.  Thanks to LifeChanger FSU, Ksenia and her mother are happier than they have ever been, and they are now laser-focused on what matters most in life: each other.